Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Beautiful photography. Lovely words. A great experience. I’m so excited to share another blogger’s monarch story.


One of the amazing results of planting butterfly weed (a type of milkweed) in my garden was that it attracted Monarch Butterflies. I never saw the original butterfly(ies) that laid eggs on my butterfly weed, but during the summer months, I found several very hungry (voracious) caterpillars eating my plants all the way down to the stem. And I was thrilled. That is why I planted those plants in my garden in the first place.

In August, I started to look for signs of any caterpillars getting ready to go into the pupa stage, forming a chrysalis. I didn’t see any.

But one day in early September, my husband called me outside. There, hanging off a rim of a garbage can was a chrysalis. From then on, my son was not allowed to use that garbage can. Thank God we had more than one!

Yesterday, I peaked at the garden…

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