Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Originally posted on Momdeavor:
One of the amazing results of planting butterfly weed (a type of milkweed) in my garden was that it attracted Monarch Butterflies. I never saw the original butterfly(ies) that laid eggs on my butterfly weed, but during the summer months, I found several very hungry (voracious) caterpillars eating my plants all…

Monarch Parenting 101

Questions for Parents . . . Did your son or daughter come home from school and tell you they want to raise monarch butterflies? You probably said, “Hmm, interesting.” (In your head you were thinking, “Oh, great. I have no idea what to do.”) Did you panic at the thought of ‘growing’ numerous creepy, crawly things all … More Monarch Parenting 101

Sunshine, Blue Sky, and Monarch Eggs . . . Finally

We’ve been waiting patiently for the monarch butterflies to arrive this year. Warm weather encouraged the over-wintering monarchs to fly to Texas earlier than normal. Their offspring were born and flew north (earlier than normal) but never made it further than the southern border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Then, cold, nasty, wet weather hit the Midwest and stopped … More Sunshine, Blue Sky, and Monarch Eggs . . . Finally