Cover Whale Insurance Company Review 2023

Cover Whale offers several types of auto insurance and specialty auto products as well as fast online quotes.

Trusted Choice's Cover Whale Insurance Score

4 Stars awards Cover Whale a final rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The insurance company provides several types of auto insurance. While Cover Whale offers personal auto liability and physical damage coverage, it really shines in terms of specialty auto products for truck drivers.

Cover Whale offers the liability coverage needed by many kinds of truck drivers, including those who tow loads. The carrier also provides a driver safety program to help improve driving habits and even lower insurance costs. Overall, Cover Whale is a worthwhile insurance carrier to look further into with the help of an independent insurance agent, especially if you're a truck driver in need of coverage.

Cover Whale Insurance Company Pros and Cons:

Pros: Cons:
Most insurance types offered in 48 states 
Coverage not available in every state
Offers specialty auto insurance for truck drivers, etc.
Not rated by AM Best
Offers several types of trucking insurance
Hard to find customer reviews 
Also offers personal auto coverage
Offers a driver safety program
Fast online quotes

Cover Whale insurance company was founded in 2019. The carrier was started by a group of insurance and technology experts hoping to bring quality coverage to those in need. Most of its coverages are offered in 48 states, with the exception of its auto liability coverage, which is only available in 27 states. 

Cover Whale reports having more than 5,000 agents in its network. The carrier prides itself on delivering fast online quotes to customers. Cover Whale also reportedly has more than $325 million in active premiums. 

Cover Whale Insurance Specializes in these Industries:


Get the coverage you need against bodily injuries and property damage with reliable trucking insurance.

Cover Whale Auto Insurance

Cover Whale offers several types of regular and specialty auto insurance to cover many different kinds of vehicles. The carrier insures trucks and trailers, personal autos, Class 3, 4, and 5 vehicles, and vehicles designed to pick up loads at ocean ports and rail terminals. Cover Whale's special auto insurance package options are listed below.

Coverage types, features, and benefits:


Cover Whale provides the liability coverage needed for personal vehicles up to limits of $1 million. Coverage pays for damage you cause to third parties in terms of injury or personal property damage.

Comprehensive and collision

Under their "physical damage" coverage umbrella, Cover Whale provides insurance for trucks, tractors, and trailers in the form of comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. Collision coverage can reimburse for physical damage costs to your own vehicle after an accident you cause, while comprehensive can pay for threats other than collision, including theft and vandalism. Towing and storage coverage are also included.

Motortruck cargo

This coverage pays for physical damage to tractors, trailers, and trucks. It includes comprehensive and collision coverage as well as towing and storage.

Truckers general liability

This coverage is available for truckers and includes comprehensive and collision as well as towing and storage. It also provides physical damage coverage to trucks, trailers, and tractors.

Non-trucking liability

This coverage is available for independent semi-truck drivers who are outside of their motor carrier's lease agreement. It offers liability coverage for trucks not operating under a motor carrier's dispatch.

Cover Whale Auto Insurance Average Prices

Cover Whale does not provide pricing for its coverage online. To get a quote for any of Cover Whale's insurance policies, contact an independent insurance agent near you. They'll be able to shop and compare quotes for any kind of coverage you need.

To get an estimate of average car insurance pricing per age, state, etc., check out our car insurance calculator

What Discounts Does Cover Whale Offer?

Cover Whale does not provide specific discount options or information readily online. To find out what insurance discounts are offered by Cover Whale, contact the carrier directly or work together with an independent insurance agent, who can find this information for you.

Cover Whale Insurance Customer Service

Cover Whale allows customers to reach out to them via a contact form on the official website. At this time, this method and email are Cover Whale's only customer service options. No phone number is provided on the official website.

  • Email
  • Website contact form

To ensure a great customer service experience, work together with an independent insurance agent. These agents can help handle claims and other matters for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage. 


Connect with a Cover Whale Agent Today.

Shopping for insurance? Cover Whale has you covered.

Cover Whale Insurance FAQ

Cover Whale does not provide a specific claims response timeframe on its official website or social media.

Cover Whale allows customers to contact them at any time via the official website's contact form or email. 

Cover Whale allows customers to contact them via the online form or email. The carrier does not detail the actual claims process on its website or social media. 

If customers have other questions about filing or the claims process itself, they can contact the carrier or get in touch with their independent insurance agent.

Cover Whale's official website is easy to navigate. However, the carrier could benefit from adding a couple more mediums for customers to contact them through. But Cover Whale also has a blog, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which makes them more accessible. 

Cover Whale is a younger insurance carrier without many ratings or reviews under its belt yet. However, it offers solid coverage offerings and important insurance needed by truck drivers and other specialty vehicle operators. 

Cover Whale offers its auto liability coverage in 27 states currently, and its other coverages are offered in 48 states across the country. Cover Whale's insurance products are a great match for truck drivers and semi-truck drivers, as well as those who tow trailers or operate tractors. Truck drivers who pick up loads at ocean ports or rail stations can also find the coverage they need from Cover Whale. Personal auto products are also available through Cover Whale.

Cover Whale does not provide pricing information without contacting them directly to get a quote. But an independent insurance agent can help you find out exact rates for Cover Whale's many types of auto insurance.

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