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Get Umbrella Insurance Quotes

Umbrella insurance, also known as “excess liability insurance,” provides additional liability coverage for unforeseen, catastrophic incidents that you may be held accountable for. 

An umbrella policy is designed to provide security if you cause a tragic car accident or a severe injury; you can have assistance covering major costs from injuries, property damage and legal fees with the assistance of a policy like this.

Fortunately, umbrella insurance premiums are relatively inexpensive and you can get free umbrella insurance quotes very easily. For added peace of mind, contact an independent agent about your personal umbrella insurance needs.

How to Find the Best Umbrella Insurance Quotes

  • Check your personal, car and home insurance policies to determine the amount of liability you have in place.
  • Calculate how much additional coverage you may need in the event that you are responsible for an accident involving injuries, a fatality, property damage and/or a potentially expensive lawsuit.
  • With the help of an agent, compare several umbrella insurance quotes.

Save on Umbrella Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Agents Need for Accurate Umbrella Insurance Quotes

To get accurate insurance quotes, your agent will use the following information:

  • A list of assets you want to protect, including:
    1. Your home and its value
    2. Your savings and investments
    3. Any expensive collections
    4. Your vehicles, and “toys” such as a boat, RV, or snowmobile
  • The amount of liability coverage in your home and auto policies, as well as any liability coverage on your recreational outdoor vehicles such as your boat, PWC, or off road vehicle
  • Any business assets you may need to protect in the event of a personal legal claim

Once you and your agent determine the amount of liability coverage you have in place and whether it would be enough to cover your assets in the event of a large legal claim, your agent will be able to help you identify an appropriate amount of umbrella liability coverage.


Save on Umbrella Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Considerations for Umbrella Insurance Quotes

You may still be wondering if you need an umbrella insurance. You may not need an umbrella policy if you are a renter and have very few assets. However, if you have assets like real estate, retirement savings, cars, collections and brokerage accounts, it's a good idea to carry an umbrella policy to protect your finances from a large lawsuit.

An independent agent can help you get quotes from the top insurance companies and compare the options and coverage amounts. Contact an agent in our network today and get the peace of mind that you are prepared for the very worst kind of rainy day.

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