ATV Insurance Cost

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Insurance rates for ATVs and UTVs vary considerably, depending on state requirements and a number of other factors. Prices can range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars a year. In areas where there are greater risks and a larger number of claims, rates are typically higher.

An independent agent in our network can help you choose the right amount of ATV insurance for you and find all available discounts. Because they are independent, agents can compare rates from multiple insurance companies and find a great policy at a cost you can afford.

How much Does ATV Insurance Cost

State and Regional Factors that Affect ATV Insurance Rates

State by state requirements for ATV insurance vary considerably, which means the coverage you buy will most likely be somewhat dependent upon your state laws. Some states do not require insurance coverage, while others require liability insurance under certain circumstances.

For example, in New York State it is unlawful to operate an ATV anywhere outside of your own property unless you have the following minimum liability insurance:

  • Death: $50,000/$100,000 ($50k for any one person, and $100k for all partied involved)
  • Bodily injury: $25,000/$50,000 ($25k for one person and $50k for all parties involved)
  • Property damage: $10,000

Even with these requirements in mind, it is very difficult to identify average rates or typical costs for ATV insurance because of additional variables other than state and regional differences. 

Looking at the sample quotes above, you can see that with all other factors being equal, the simple change in the size of the engine can increase the annual ATV insurance cost dramatically.

Note also that it is always a good idea to consult with an independent agent about the amount of insurance you need. If your state does not require ATV insurance, or requires only minimal coverage, costs can add up quickly when you are at fault. 

After a severe accident, you could face many thousands of dollars in repairs, medical costs, and even legal fees if you are sued for an accident you cause.

Other Factors that Affect ATV Insurance Policies

A number of factors affect the cost of your ATV insurance, including the following:

  • Your driving history: Drivers with a number of traffic violations and accidents are often considered a higher risk and may pay higher rates. If you have prior claims on another ATV insurance policy, your rate may also be higher.
  • What you ride: The make and model of your ATV, and whether it is classified as an on-road or off-road vehicle will affect your ATV insurance cost. An all-terrain vehicle with a more powerful engine (for example, 800 cc’s vs. 300 cc’s in the example above) will often cost more to insure.
  • How much you ride: The frequency of use will make a difference, since you are less likely to encounter as many risks if you only travel by ATV occasionally, compared to someone who rides an ATV to herd cattle daily.
  • Who will ride: Some insurance companies have restrictions on the ages of ATV and UTV riders that they will insure, and some will increase premiums if younger drivers will be using the vehicle.
  • How you use it: If you use your ATV for a work commute, your usage will be very different from that of the rider who is off-roading for pleasure.
  • The type and amount of insurance you buy: The typical or average cost of insurance is especially difficult to calculate without specifics because you have many choices, and the deductibles and limits you choose are up to you.

Get Discounts to Lower Your ATV Insurance Premium

You may be eligible for a range of discounts. The most common one is a multi-policy discount, applicable when you bundle multiple ATV insurance policies or your ATV coverage and your home and auto policies. You may also qualify for a “good driver discount” if your record is free of violations in the past two years. 

Some states also offer safety courses that can result in discounts, as well as reduced rates for being a member of certain clubs and professional organizations.

These are some of the main factors that an insurance company will use to determine the rate you will pay for your ATV insurance policy. Find an independent agent  today to learn about requirements in your state, as well as discounts available to you.

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