Good Student Discounts

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Good student discounts

Teaching your kid to drive is an exciting milestone. The skyrocketing premiums, though, are enough to give you the cold sweats all night long. But hey, if your kid gets good grades and keeps their nose clean, they may be able to qualify for a good student discount to help lower the cost. Plus, you potty-trained them, they owe you big.

Our independent insurance agents can help you qualify for good student discounts, saving you money and letting you focus on the things that matter—like parallel parking. Let’s talk a bit about good student discounts first, so buckle up and make sure to take great notes.

What Are Good Student Discounts?

It’s simple: Good student discounts were created by insurers to reward a good GPA with even better car insurance rates. This generally only applies to high school students, though some college students may qualify on their own or their parents’ policies. 


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How Hard Is It to Get Good Student Discounts?

The short answer is that it’s pretty easy. The slightly longer answer is that it’s as easy as it is for your child to get good grades. If your kid has a 3.5 GPA or above, it doesn’t hurt to ask. The bar could be lower than you think, and the result could be some massive savings on your car insurance.

Good student discounts are a bit rarer than run-of-the-mill discounts like good driver or multi-car discounts. They usually only kick in when you’re adding your teen to your insurance policy while they’re still in high school. But any savings is good savings, right?.

How Do I Get Good Student Discounts?

Just ask. Some insurance companies don’t offer good student discounts, but it’s not hard to find those that do. Here’s a step-by-step guide to clinching the deal.

  • Have a heart-to-heart with an agent: If you’ve got a teen genius who’s learning to drive and sending your insurance premiums through the car roof, it’s time to give our independent insurance agents a call. They’ll help you find out if your insurance company offers good student discounts. If not, they’ll help you find one that does. And they’re totally out there.
  • Compare wisely: Your agent will probably provide you with a few different insurance options after they work their magic. Don’t go for the cheapest option automatically—mid-range options could offer more discounts and some better coverage for your expanding driving fleet.
  • Celebrate—or bide your time: If you didn’t land a good student discount this time around, there’s always next year. So hang in there, Tiger. If you’ve got a baker’s dozen of children on your hands, there are many years after that, too. Keep asking and maybe you’ll get lucky. Persevere! 

Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent

Well, now you know how good student discounts work. But, unlike your kids, we recognize that your time is valuable, so why do the hard work yourself? 

Our independent insurance agents stay on top of the industry and all the latest discounts so you don’t have to. That means they’ll help you find the right coverage for you at the right price.

They’re not just there at the beginning, either. If someone in the fam gets in a jam and needs to make a claim, they’ll help you meet deadlines and ensure you’re getting all the benefits you’re entitled to. 

So, maybe now’s the time to sit your kids down for “the talk”—it’s time they up their grades a bit.

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