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Auto Insurance

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Business Insurance

Broad protection that covers you, your employees, and customers.

Workers' Compensation

Valuable employee coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent in Kansas?

Kansas Insurance FAQ

There are many insurance companies in Kansas that offer home, car, and business insurance. The following are some of the best insurance companies in Kansas:

  • Travelers
    • Travelers can meet your Kansas personal and business insurance needs with a full line of products. The company is based in Hartford, CT. 
  • Nationwide
    • Nationwide services individuals as well as businesses of all sizes. The company is headquartered in Columbus, OH and is represented by independent insurance agents in 50 states, including Kansas. 
  • Progressive
    • Progressive is based in Ohio but offers business and personal insurance across all 50 states, including Kansas. Kansas residents and business owners can look to Progressive for most of their business and personal insurance needs. 
  • Liberty Mutual
    • Liberty Mutual is headquartered in Boston, MA and has been offering business insurance since 1912. Today the company offers a flexible, multiline range of coverages designed to meet the needs of any business, regardless of size or industry. 
  • Safeco
    • Safeco has been protecting individuals and families with personal insurance coverage since 1923. With a comprehensive range of insurance coverage, Safeco can help you protect what’s important to you.

An independent insurance agent in your area can help you learn more about these and other Kansas insurance companies. A local agent can help you get competitive quotes for the coverage that fits your Kansas insurance needs.

If you own a house in Kansas, you’ll want to protect it from threats like fire, theft, vandalism, and severe weather. What’s more, you’ll want to protect your assets from the costs of lawsuits if you are sued for something that happens on your property. You can do that with reliable homeowners insurance in Kansas. 

Most home insurance policies in Kansas include both property and liability coverage. 

  • Property coverage: Pays to repair, replace, or rebuild your damaged or destroyed home, personal belongings, and certain detached structures like garages or sheds. 
  • Loss of use coverage: Pays for certain living expenses (e.g., hotel bills, food, etc.) if you are forced to live somewhere else, like a hotel, while your home is being repaired after it sustains significant property damage. 
  • Homeowners liability coverage: Protects you when someone claims you have caused an injury or property damage. It covers the injured party's expenses (e.g., medical bills, property repairs) and your legal fees if you're sued. 

A local independent insurance agent can help you find homeowners insurance in Kansas. 

If you own a vehicle in Kansas, you are required to purchase car insurance. In Kansas, you must have a certain amount of liability coverage, personal injury coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in order to comply with the law. 

The minimum amount of insurance coverage that you must purchase in Kansas is as follows:

  • Bodily injury liability coverageCovers you if you are at fault in an accident and someone other than yourself is injured.
    • $25,000 per person 
    • $50,000 per accident 
  • Property damage liability coverage: Covers damage to another person's vehicle or property in an accident that is your fault.
    • $25,000 per accident 
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Pays for medical expenses, rehabilitation, funeral expenses, lost wages, and in-home assistance for you and your passengers injured in an accident, regardless of fault. 
      • $4,500 per person for medical expenses
      • $900 per month for one year for disability or loss of income
      • $25 per day for in-home services
      • $2,000 for funeral, burial, or cremation expense
      • $4,500 for rehabilitation expenses
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverageProtects you if you are hit by a hit-and-run driver or by a driver who does not have auto liability coverage. It takes the place of liability insurance that the other driver should have, but does not.
    • $25,000 per person
    • $50,000 per accident

You can also add collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, and several other types of optional coverage to your car insurance policy in Kansas.

Contact an independent car insurance agent in Kansas for the coverage you need. 

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you can experience an unexpected fire, a break-in, or a weather event that damages your commercial property. 

If you’re accused of harming someone else or damaging someone’s property as a result of your operations or your products, you can be expected to pay for property damage and medical expenses for the injured parties. It’s also quite common for businesses to be sued in these instances.

That’s why you need business insurance in Kansas. The policies and the amount of coverage you need depend on the type of business you’re in and the value of your inventory and assets. 

Business insurance is not required in Kansas, but if your business owns any vehicles, or you drive your personal vehicle for business purposes, you are required to purchase commercial vehicle insurance (just like Kansas drivers are required to purchase personal auto insurance). 

If you have employees, Kansas law requires you to purchase workers’ compensation insurance that protects workers who are injured on the job. 

In addition, most Kansas business owners will need business property insurance and general liability insurance at a minimum in order to properly protect their assets. 

Contact an independent business insurance agent in Kansas for the coverage you need. 

The workers’ compensation laws in Kansas require that all employers, except for those in certain agricultural pursuits or those with a gross annual payroll of $20,000 or less, purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance in Kansas provides benefits to workers who are injured or who contract an occupational illness while on the job. 

The workers’ compensation law in Kansas covers all employees, including full-time, part-time, family members, seasonal, adults, minors, or others who have been hired to do certain jobs. 

The following employment categories are excluded from the workers’ compensation law in Kansas:

  • Certain agricultural employers
  • Realtors who qualify as independent contractors
  • Firefighters belonging to a firefighters’ relief association that has waived coverage under the workers’ compensation law
  • Sole proprietors, LLC members, and partners
  • Certain owner-operator vehicle drivers covered by their own occupational accident insurance policy

Contact a local independent insurance agent to help you find workers’ compensation insurance in Kansas.

Restaurant insurance in Kansas typically consists of a group of business insurance policies that respond to unexpected events that can cause a financial loss. You need restaurant coverage to protect your business from things like: 

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Severe weather
  • Workplace injuries
  • Food contamination or spoilage
  • Delivery driver car accidents
  • Customer injuries on your premises
  • Breakdown of ovens, refrigerators, or other kitchen equipment
  • Utility interruptions that force you to close
  • Responsibilities related to serving alcohol

Most restaurants need a customized package of the following types of restaurant insurance in Kansas:

You may even need other restaurant insurance policies in Kansas that protect you from a variety of unique risks. It’s a good idea to work with an independent insurance agent in Kansas to help you find the best restaurant insurance.

Commercial vehicle insurance in Kansas covers cars, trucks, and any other vehicles used in business operations. Similar to personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance provides liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and more for the business owner. 

Commercial vehicle owners in Kansas must purchase bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, personal injury protection, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements. 

Certain large vehicles, those that carry hazardous materials, and those that participate in interstate commerce may be required to carry higher liability limits. 

Contact an independent insurance agent in Kansas to learn more about your commercial vehicle insurance options. 

Liability insurance pays for repairing or replacing damaged property of others. It also pays for medical expenses for injured parties, and it even pays your attorney fees, court costs, and any financial settlements or judgments you have to pay if you are sued.

Your auto insurance, home insurance, and certain other personal insurance policies in Kansas provide limited amounts of liability coverage. The policy limits may not be sufficient to cover a very large lawsuit or financial settlement. 

Umbrella insurance in Kansas offers excess liability coverage that kicks in when the limits of an underlying policy—including home insurancerenters insurancecondominium insuranceboat insurance, or car insurance—have been exhausted. 

Umbrella insurance in Kansas typically covers what the underlying policy does. What's more, an umbrella policy may offer expanded coverage, including covering you worldwide. It might also cover a few circumstances that the underlying policy does not, such as claims for libel, slander, and false imprisonment. 

Renters insurance in Kansas is a type of personal insurance policy. It protects your personal belongings against damage or loss. It also protects you if someone is injured as a result of your negligence. 

The average cost of renters insurance in Kansas is just $172 per year. That is less than $15 a month.

Of course, not everyone will pay the same for their renters insurance policy. Your rates may be higher or lower than average depending on a few factors, such as:

  • The amount of personal property coverage you need
  • The crime rate and weather risks in your area
  • Your claims history and credit score
  • Whether you are bundling your renters insurance with another policy like car insurance

Independent insurance agents in Kansas make comparison shopping easy. They can obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies, and ensure that you’re getting your renters insurance policy at a competitive price. 

Life insurance in Kansas is a vital part of your long-term financial plan. Basic life insurance pays a lump-sum death benefit to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. But there are many forms and variations of life insurance, and the best one for you will depend upon your goals for the policy. 

The proceeds from a life insurance policy make cash available to support your family almost immediately upon your death. In addition, life insurance proceeds can be used to pay your debts, final expenses, and estate taxes. And it can even be a source of inheritance for your heirs. 

There are two major types of life insurance policies available in Kansas: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Each offers benefits for different periods of time. 

  • Term life insurance provides financial protection for a specified period of time, such as 10, 20, or 30 years. If you die while the policy is in force, your beneficiaries receive the death benefit. If you live to the end of the policy term, the policy terminates unless it automatically renews. 
  • Permanent life insurance provides more than a death benefit. These types of policies offer a long-term savings or investment component (cash value). Whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance are all examples of permanent life insurance.

Contact an independent insurance agent to learn more about life insurance in Kansas.

Searching for the best and most affordable insurance products can be frustrating and confusing. That’s why it's worth it to have an experienced insurance professional in your corner.

Instead of getting an online quote, find an independent insurance agent in Kansas now, and get one-on-one consultation and affordable options for the best coverage for your unique needs. Your agent will work with you free of charge, offering you a variety of options so you can make the best choice.  

What’s more, your agent will be there for you when claim time comes. They know the ins and outs of the process and will make sure your claim is handled appropriately.

Contact an agent today for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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