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Colorado's choice for workers' compensation insurance.

Why choose Pinnacol for your insurance needs?

For more than 100 years, Pinnacol Assurance has done one thing – provide workers’ compensation insurance in Colorado. That singular focus distinguishes Pinnacol from its competitors and makes the company the preferred workers’ comp carrier for nearly 56,000 Colorado employers. Our integrated, customer-focused service approach gives you access to a team of professionals that are focused on understanding the challenges unique to your industry.

Where does Pinnacol do business?

Pinnacol provides the following insurance coverages by state.

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What business insurance does Pinnacol offer?

Pinnacol has helped business owners and employees for over 100 years. Pinnacol specializes in providing exceptional workers' compensation insurance in Colorado for contractors, healthcare providers and the hospitality industry. They are centered around helping employers and injured employees by covering medical expenses and a portion of lost wages to the worker. Workers' compensation under Pinnacol means ensuring that employees injured on the job get the specialized treatment they need.

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